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  • What is a pressure vessel?

    Pressure vessel, English: pressure vessel, refers to a closed device that holds a gas or a liquid and carries a certain pressure. In order to implement scientif...

  • Pressure vessel industry development

    Pressure vessel industry development(1) Encouraged by the national industrial policy The metal pressure vessel industry is encouraged by the relevant national ...

  • Exhaust valve features

    When there is gas in the system, the gas will climb up the pipe and eventually gather at the highest point of the system. The exhaust valve is usually installed...

  • Valve sealing performance test

    The opening and closing force and the opening and closing torque refer to the force or moment that must be applied when the valve is opened or closed. When clos...

  • Piston ring characteristics

    Piston ring characteristics:ForceThe force acting on the piston ring is the gas pressure, the ring's own elastic force, the inertial force of the ring recip...

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