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Reasons for abnormal air compressor displacement

Air compressors have become the most widely used model in the global machinery industry. The emergence of air compressors has made an unprecedented contribution to the machinery industry and various fields. Let me join the air compressor world and learn about it in machinery. The reason why the industry is invincible.

The gas valve and piston ring of the first stage suction stage leak.

The air valve and the piston ring that constitute the stepped piston of the first stage leak.

The gas pipelines and valves at all levels are leaking, and the leakage inside the valve is not easy to detect.

The cylinder or the cooler leaks into the cooling water pipe and leaks to the suction side (chamber), which is difficult to detect.

The pressure ratio of the first stage intake and exhaust is too large.

Insufficient air supply or excessive resistance of the intake pipe, including the intake pipe valve can not be fully opened, the valve is fully open, but the ball valve core is not fully open.

The suction and exhaust valves are not properly installed.

The compressor does not reach the specified speed.

When the assembly is performed, the clearance of the primary cylinder clearance volume is too large.


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